Where can I buy WNRS?
WNRS Core Game + Inner Circle Expansion pack is available for purchase immediately at www.shop.redabletalk.com.
What is the Inner Circle Expansion Pack?
The Inner Circle Expansion Pack is an exclusive set of questions created by Jada Pinkett Smith, Willow and Gammy to reflect the lessons and conversations curated at the Red Table. The Inner Circle Pack serves as a compliment to the WNRS Core game and adds 25 new card questions to the core card game.
What comes in the WNRS Bundle?
The WNRS Core Game + Inner Circle Expansion Pack includes the core game created by Koreen Odiney and the Inner Circle expansion pack created by Jada Pinkett Smith, Willow and Gammy. While the game can be played alone, the bundle is meant to add the most value to your experience. Besides, it’s our first custom tool for your journey direct from the table!
How long does it take fo WNRS to ship?
Please allow an additional 14-18 days for shipping due to high demand and the holiday season. If you order in time, WNRS + RTT Expansion pack bundle will ship and arrive in your home before the Christmas holiday!
Do you ship WNRS outside of the United States?
Yes! We’ve done our best to provide the lowest possible shipping costs for our consumers. We offer metered global shipping to most countries and in the US based on zip code. We are currently offer flat rate international shipping to Canada ($7.50), United Kingdom ($15.00) and Australia ($15.00).
Are you accepting bulk orders for WNRS?
Yes. For orders of 10 or more units shipping to one or various addresses, please direct your request to shop@redtabletalk.com.
Is the game available as a download?
At this time the game is not available for download. We think the physical version of the game creates the optimal connection experience, but definitely stay tuned!
I have an additional question about WNRS, where should it be submitted?
You can send your questions directly to support@redtabletalk.com.